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Bite Me: A Love Story Chapter 22

22. Meeting at the PalaceRIVERAThey traded in the Ford at the city motor pool for one that had a Plexiglas divider between the front and rear seats. Cavuto's knees were pressed against the glove compartment, since the seat didn't adjust, but it was worth the trade-off. It turned out the organic dog biscuits that Rivera had bought gave Marvin gas. He now had his own little glass partition in which to exhaust, and the inspectors drank their coffee relatively free of doggy stench.“I don't sleep well during the day,� Cavuto said.“Roger that,� said Rivera. “I feel like I've been up for a week.� He dialed his messages, then looked at his partner. “Fifteen unplayed messages? Are we out of the service area or something?�“You turned it off when we were zeroing in on that litter of dangerous kittens.�Rivera tried to drink his coffee while handling the phone and ended up pulling the car over to the curb. “They're all from the Emperor. Something about a ship down at Pier Nine being full of old vampires.�“No,� said Cavuto.

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